Why this community?

Our goal is to increase the quality of life of people, teams, organizations and society with Scrum. We do that as a community by sharing our current understanding and application of Scrum Patterns and work to expand the body of knowledge by capturing future patterns.

ScrumPloP to capture new patterns

Alistair Cockburn describes software development as a cooperative game. Scrum provides one set of rules for one such way of playing the game. The Scrum Guide is the official rule book. However, the Scrum Guide doesn’t tell you the rationale behind Scrum as a whole, or behind many of its successful practices. Those rationales come out of experience, community, and the insights of its founders and inventors. The ScrumPLoP mission is to build a body of pattern literature around those communities, describing those insights, so we can easily share them with the Scrum and Agile communities.

– ScrumPLoP.org

Read here what a ScrumPLoP is.


For 2020, there are 2 PLoP conferences planned.

Oct 29 – Nov 1: Scrum Tulip PLoP, The Netherlands – more details

Oct 11 – Oct 17: Hakone, Japan – more details

Book Clubs to share current patterns

Members of this group are sharing the knowledge in “A Scrum Book”. The format is to go through the patterns in the book in monthly iterations. At each session, we will discuss on 2 to 3 patterns, facilitated by one or more of the book authors or some local enthusiasts.

Participation is free and you do not need to buy the book. We strongly encourage you to read the patterns beforehand because it significantly increases the learning experience for all participants.

People joining will gain a deeper understanding of the Scrum via the patterns and will also learn from other people’s experiences. Anyone interested in Scrum and willing to learn more is welcome!

Book Club #8 – August 27th 15:00 to 17:30 (UTC +2)

In this session, we will discuss the following patterns:

As a special guest, we have Joe Yoder (https://joeyoder.com) who will talk about Mob programming and technical excellence!


Putting the Scrum Framework into Practice

A Scrum Pattern captures proven solutions that we have distilled from observing many Scrum Teams across the planet— both their successes and failures. Each pattern helps you identify which problems you want to address and provides a proven solution that very likely will point you in the right direction. The pattern just gives you an example solution to a problem, explains why a problem occurs, and encourages you to tailor it to your specific context.







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Applying Scrum Patterns in Practice

By |January 15th, 2020|Categories: main|

In my first article, I explained what Scrum Patterns are and why they could be useful for you in your transformation. The second article explained how to select the Scrum Patterns from the Pattern Languages. In this 3rd article, I build on the previous two articles and give an example of how to use the two Pattern Languages to develop your pattern sequence. How To Create Your Pattern Sequences? A pattern sequence is the order of patterns in which the organization wants to transform.  Organizations create their sequence by selecting the patterns that are most appropriate [...]