A Scrum Book, by The Scrum Patterns Group

This is a book about Scrum — a simple but powerful way for people to work together. Scrum is about helping small teams create, build, and evolve a product, one slice at a time. Scrum is as much about people as it is about the products they build and use. It defines a work environment where teams can challenge themselves to become better and better at their work over time.

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You hold in your hands a work of art that will inspire, support, and challenge you and your organization to be better for the greater good. And have lots of fun while doing it.

Portia Tung

I had the great fortune of reading this excellent book before it was in the press. I thoroughly appreciated the idea of expressing not the mechanics of scrum but the spirit and the guiding principles. The rules of Scrum are easy to describe. Takes about 19 pages and just as with the surprisingly short rule book for soccer, they are easy to understand but hard to enact in a complex environment even for the most senior scrum practitioners. Many have in the past given up thinking “Scrum doesn’t work for us”. This is the guide they were missing, helping them to see how to change their behaviour and perception of work. It’s a must-read for all that are already working with and those planning to work with scrum.


This is a book for all Scrum practitioners, veterans as well as newbies. Starting with the first pattern (The Spirit of the Game) and continuing throughout the book, it’s about people. You will be able to use the book and its patterns as a source of inspiration when you create your way of working according to Scrum. The book and its patterns cover the what of Scrum as well as its whys. There is no need to wait. Get it! Read it! Use it! Improve!

Arne Åhlander, Certified Scrum Trainer and CEO, Aqqurite AB

LeSS Adoption Cards

We have a beautiful set of custom-designed cards that describe the most common practices used in LeSS, written in the problem/solution statements we know from the Scrum Patterns book.

You can use these cards for discussion, playing, studying and quickly learn about the patterns.

They also give insight into the rationale of why they might be possible solutions.

You can order a set for the price of 25 Euro (cost of printing incl VAT, but excl shipping).

Let us know you want to buy them!
Image of pattern cards
Example of a pattern card

Pattern Cards

From A Scrum Book:

Patlets are pattern summaries that might help you find a pattern that addresses some particular problem or context in your Scrum team, or might help you find a pattern you vaguely recall having heard of.

The patlets are simple problem/solution pairs that summarize the core of each pattern. We encourage you to go back and read the original pattern to pick up important subtleties not covered here.

Cesario created visual pattern cards that contain the patlet, color coding and images.

They are  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



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